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How To Weld


There are many fields of welding covering may processes and  materials. However those who want to learn how to Weld at home or for small workshops the subject can be broken down into manageable parts. Most people interested in welding intend building their own projects or are wanting to learn to weld for a new business or enhance a career. Simple welding can be learned through a hands on approach and plenty of practice.

While this is fine for some projects to take the risk of not knowing how to put down a strong weld, choosing the incorrect materials and welding process can be a recipe for disaster, especially when safety or personal harm is involved. You won’t want your new chopper frame to snap because of a cold lap weld!

Take the time to do some study and get it right, in the welding manual e-book welding secrets revealed you can learn:


How to weld Aluminum

Learning how to weld aluminum can be quite a challenge due to the oxide coating and lower melting point .
Aluminum can be frustrating to weld as there is no real visible evidence of melting when heat is applied, especially when gas and Tig welding. By following Aluminum welding instructions in how to set up your equipment and complete thorough joint preparation will help deliver great welds...

How to weld metal

Different metals and alloys require different welding methods, wires, gasses and machines, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass the list goes on. To really learn these other processes requires an extensive welding tutorial. However the majority of welding is with mild steel and only requires the basic equipment, learn how to weld metals

Welding Cast Iron

Learning how to weld cast iron is in general a difficult manual welding process. Cast iron welding is  mostly used for repair applications such as cast pumps, flanges and cast casings. For more information see how to weld cast iron

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