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You are on this page obviously as you are interested in learning how to weld or at least improve your current welding skills. I myself have been welding for over 20 years and are competent in most welding applications.  I never under took any formal training or apprenticeship and  just happened to begin welding due to an expansion of my then current job. Therefore  I was never taught to weld in a way that a welding apprentice would learn today and be exposed to  all of the welding applications that I may encounter as a profesional welder.

How to  Learn to Weld Like A Pro!

 After a year or so I gradually progressed to the stage where I could weld in any position to x-ray standards using both arc and tig welding.  However all of my welding skills were learned on the job so to speak . Although I learned from excellent tradesmen the welding processes were specific to the projects of the company I worked for and what my job required. These projects were limited to pressure pipe welding work and structural engineering. I was never taught how to weld aluminum or how to braize or weld cast iron because they were not skills required  in the company I was in.


 Here is where the manual Welding Secrets Revealed became my welding and engineering tutor for all of the welding and engineering skills I did not learn. This is a very comprehensive and information packed manual covering ALL aspects of welding and more. For those who wish to learn to weld  this welding tutorial will cover everything you need to know and how to do it.  If you  already know how to mig weld or arc weld but would like to learn how to tig weld for instance, its covered in this book. Here are some of the topics covered in this tutorial.

This welding manual is very detailed in every aspect of manual welding and use of metals, in all there are about 1200 pages of information, pictures, drawings and charts, including;

Welding Secrets Revealed is for you if:


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