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How To Mig Weld

Getting Started With Mig Welding

Learning how to mig weld involves  different processes depending upon the metals to be welded. While most metals can be mig welded there are different welding gasses and welding wires that need to be considered, depending on the parent metal.

For example mild steel requires different filler material, or welding wires, and different shielding gas that would be used for mig welding stainless steel or Aluminum.

While the actual process of mig welding is quite easy to master, taking the time to learn mig welding properly from the start will save many hours of trial and error. Anyone considering a welding career, starting a business involving mig welding, or simply for home use would be well served by getting quality welding tuition.

Mig welders all work in the same way.  A spool of welding wire is pre installed in the mig welder that is automatically fed to the work to be welded. The welding machine operates by the means of a wire feed unit that pushes the welding wire through a shielded cable, out through mig welding tips to the work to be welded. A shielding gas used is to protect the weld from oxygen contamination.

Safety is essential when learning how to mig weld, having the proper safety precautions in place simply can save your life or cause serious injury. Take care if welding leads or cables look damaged, avoid welding in wet areas. Welding arc flash can not only burn from the heat and sparks but also through uv radiation. Cover all bare skin areas with heavy duty long pants, long sleeve shirt and leather gloves, wear high top leather boots. never look directly at welding arc without a certified welding helmet as it can cause permanent eye damage. For the best results welding helmet fitted preferably with an auto darkening welding lens.

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